ABOUT Westchester’s Recall Plus®

Today, more than ever, recalls affect nearly every industry, consumer, and market segment. Business owners are faced not only with the financial impact that a recall may generate, but also the challenge to preserve the good name and reputation of their company during and after a recall event.

Westchester’s Recall Plus® offers coverage options that reflect the distinctive characteristics of the product recall market. And just as all businesses are unique, so too is the detail and content of recall coverage that may be crafted by Westchester Product Recall.  Serving a broad market, targeted industry sectors include:

  • Component Parts which are used in the general manufacturing, medical, automotive, industrial, electronics, and aviation industries
  • Consumer Products, including finished goods in the areas of appliances, electronics, medical, clothing, furniture, children’s products, outdoors and recreation, and more
  • Consumable Products comprised of topical and ingestible products for human use and/or consumption