TracksSM Railroad liability insurance provides coverage for damages resulting from covered perils, and is designed to protect railroad operations and railroad contractors.


  • Railroad liability claims made and occurrence forms including Federal Employers' Liability Act (FELA), foreign rolling stock, and bill of lading coverage
  • General liability with tailored coverages for railroad contractors
  • Railroad protective liability (ISO) filed forms may be available
  • Excursion railroad liability occurrence coverage, with tailored coverages for   unique exposures


RAA-1000 (03-13) Railroad Protective Liability
RRA-3000 (03-13) Primary Commercial Liability
RRA-4000 (03-13) Primary Railroad Liability
RAA-2000 (03-13) Museum and Other Organizations
RAA-3000B (03-13) Railroad Contractors Supplemental
RAA-5000 (03-13) Excursion Railroad Liability

We use both ISO and proprietary forms.

Westchester will accept ACORD, ISO, and Westchester applications as a risk submission.  Depending upon the complexity of the risk or specific coverage issues, additional information may be required.

TracksSM is offered through contracted wholesale brokers and approved retail brokers.